This light is a self-contained technical light that pumps out a stunning 5200-lumen narrow beam. The TL5200P has a compact body style, uses a reliable push-button switching mechanism, a battery indicator on the light itself, and your choice of four power levels and an SOS function. As a self-contained light, it uses a self-contained Lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack and comes with a charger. The battery pack is removable for easy replacement with an optional spare fully charged battery between dives. The TL5200P also comes with a reinforced Goodman-style glove, and an aluminum lantern-style handle, which makes this light a versatile option for any diver wanting the extreme light output needed in demanding conditions.

  • 5200 lumens at 6500K color temperature
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion 18650×4 battery allows for two hours of burn time on the highest setting
  • Anodized aluminum housing means rugged durability
  • Color-coded battery level indicator
  • 150 m depth rating

The Ultimate Choice for Cave and Technical Divers

Dive into the depths with confidence and clarity using the TL5200P, the top pick for cave and technical divers in our esteemed TL (Technical Light) series. This high-performance scuba diving torch is meticulously crafted to be your ultimate underwater companion, offering exceptional versatility and unmatched performance.

Unmatched Burn Time and Performance

The TL5200P provides an impressive 2-hour burn time on its highest setting, ensuring you have ample light during your most demanding dives. For longer underwater explorations, switch to the low setting and enjoy up to 20 hours of continuous illumination. This adaptability makes the TL5200P an essential tool for any diving scenario, from short recreational dives to extended technical expeditions.

Precision and Power

Designed from a single, streamlined aluminum body, the TL5200P boasts a narrow 10° beam angle. This precise illumination penetrates even the darkest waters, ensuring you see every detail of your underwater environment. With a powerful output of 5200 lumens at a 6500K color temperature, this dive light ensures your underwater world is as vivid and detailed as possible.

Reliable and Rechargeable

The TL5200P is powered by a rechargeable battery, allowing you to enjoy up to 2 hours of uninterrupted brilliance at the highest setting. The rechargeable feature not only makes it environmentally friendly but also ensures that you are always ready for your next dive. The color-coded battery level indicator keeps you informed of your battery status, so you’re never caught off guard.

Comprehensive Diving Package

Every TL5200P purchase includes a complimentary Bigblue drybag, perfect for protecting your equipment during every dive. Additionally, the dive light comes standard with a lantern handle and a soft Goodman glove, providing multiple ways to handle and secure your torch. This package is designed to offer you the ultimate convenience and protection for all your diving gear.