D3 Ergo is a lightweight, soft and durable drysuit – a rare combination. We have developed and tested drysuit material together with our producer since 1983, and this drysuit is made of the best lightweight Tri-Lam fabric they have ever developed. The suit is also sewn with single stitch and soft rubber taped seams, which makes it really flexible and comfortable.
The D3 Ergo is equipped with soft, flexible neoprene boots, SI TECH Quick Neck System and Warm Neck, SI TECH QCS Oval Ring System and Warm Cuffs, Silicone seals for neck and wrists, a plastic dryzipper, light pockets with loops inside and SI TECH valves. The whole suite with valves, boots, seals and suspenders weighs only 4.1 kg (in men’s medium).
The D3 Ergo originates from our expedition- and military suits, where lightweight, flexibility and movability is essential. We realized that these characteristics were desired among other divers, so we decided to make a similar suit with strong Tri-Lam fabric. So, if you love movability, flexibility, a snug fit, low weight and durability – this is the suit for you. D3 Ergo is designed for unrestricted movability and control, both above and below the surface. Therefore, it has a slimmer cut around the torso and legs for less drag and unnecessary air movement. The suit has more space around the shoulders to improve the movability in this area. With the placement of the dry zipper and the very soft Tri-Lam fabric, there are literally no restrictions in movement.
To make sure the suit fits you as well as possible, please consult with us about the configuration and size of the drysuit before you buy it. info@cpa.si

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