D10 PRO ISS is an extremely durable neoprene drysuit loaded with features. During all our years of continuous testing in harsh conditions, we have found it hard to match the 3,5 mm microcell Limestone CR neoprene with SD Toughtex outer fabric – and that is why we use this material in our D10 PRO ISS drysuit. The suit is also equipped with ISS, the unique Integrated Silicone Seal System that we developed for the diving market. Silicone seals at wrists and neck that can be easily changed in minutes.
The D10 PRO ISS drysuit is equipped with a metal dryzipper with zipper cover, DuPont™ Kevlar® Fiber reinforced and angled boot, rubber kneepads, SI TECH Neck Tite System with Warm Neck, SI TECH QCS Oval Ring System with Warm Cuffs, Silicone seals for neck and wrists, expandable zippered neoprene Power pockets and SI TECH valves. D10 PRO ISS has anatomical fit, embossed panels and anti-slip PU reinforced shoulders and anti-slip treatment on seat that provides a non-slip grip and abrasion protection.
To make sure the suit fits you as well as possible, please consult with us about the configuration and size of the drysuit before you buy it. info@cpa.si

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