The D1X is part of the new generation of amazing and unique Insulated Constant Volume Drysuits, developed and patented a couple of years ago. There is, so far, no followers from competitors to match these unique features. At Waterproof we have always been keen on keeping up with the latest materials and developments and the D1X is the result of this.
The outer fabric of D1X is made of soft, flexible and strong Polytech 500 Tri-Lam fabric. The patented system of D1X includes a detachable, integrated 3D Mesh inner lining – a soft and flexible material with outstanding insulation. The suit is equipped with a metal dryzipper with zipper cover, SI TECH Quick Neck System with Warm Neck, SI TECH QCS Oval Ring System with Warm Cuffs, Silicone seals for neck and wrists, heavy duty expandable pockets and SI TECH valves. The unique Warm Neck and Cuff system is keeping the diver warmer, due to reduced water movement, and also protects the seals.
All parts of the suit concerning mobility have been anatomically designed to enhance the freedom of movement. The suit has DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber reinforced knee pads, a seam-free crotch area reinforced with heavy duty Cordura® and anti-slip seat for grip and abrasion protection – all this to ensure an excellent durable and comfortable drysuit.
To make sure the suit fits you as well as possible, please consult with us about the configuration and size of the drysuit before you buy it. info@cpa.si

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