The D70 SC concept was developed after numerous demands from dive schools, instructors and resorts who wanted a durable, yet economical, drysuit for rental and training. D70 SC is a basic 3,5 mm neoprene drysuit. It is perfect for dive schools and resorts as well as a suitable choice for the beginner diver, as a step-in model into the world of drysuit diving.
We used our three decades of diving experience to find the perfect compromise, not in quality, but in technical appearance and design features. The suit is equipped with a metal dryzipper with zipper cover, latex seals at neck and wrist, Warm Neck, rugged and durable boots and SI TECH valves. As all our suits, D70 SC is designed with anatomical fit where all critical parts concerning mobility have been anatomically designed to enhance the freedom of movement.
To make sure the suit fits you as well as possible, please consult with us about the configuration and size of the drysuit before you buy it. info@cpa.si

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