We are proud to have the largest service center in Slovenia, providing comprehensive maintenance and repair services for diving equipment, including regulators, full-face masks, rebreathers, dry and rescue suits, high-pressure compressors, and other diving gear. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we ensure reliable and expert servicing for even the most technically demanding equipment.

Breathing Regulators
  • Service of first and second stages (Membrane first stage)
  • Service of first and second stages (Piston first stage)
  • Service of alternative air source
  • Disinfection of second stage
  • Service of cylinder valves
  • Hydrostatic pressure test of high-pressure cylinders
  • Pressure test of composite high-pressure cylinders
Full face masks
  • Disinfection of full face masks
  • Pressure test of full face masks
  • Service of full face masks, first and second stage
  • Adjustment of second stage (Breathing valve)
Diving and immersion suits
  • Pressure test of a dry suit
  • Cleaning and disinfecting dry suits
  • Patching dry suits
  • Replacement of wrist seals (Latex or Neoprene)
  • Replacement of neck seals (Latex or Neoprene)
  • Replacement of dry zippers (Metal or PU)
  • Replacement of boots/socks (Neoprene)
  • Replacement of face seal
  • Mounting of dry glove rings
  • Mounting of neck dry ring
  • Mounting of pee valve (Balanced and unbalanced)
  • Mounting of pee dry zipper (Metal or PU)
  • Mounting of Technical pockets
  • Mounting of PU reinforcements
  • Service of inlet valve
  • Service of outlet valve
  • Pressure test of dry suit valves
Service of Rebreathers
  • Pressure test of Rebreathers (Poseidon and SIEL-OMG)
  • Biannual and Quadranial service SIEL-OMG
  • Bianual service Poseidon (MKVI and Se7en)
  • Service of reducing valves
  • Service of counter lungs
  • Disinfection of Breathing loop
  • Hydrostatic pressure test of high-pressure cylinders
  • Pressure test of composite high-pressure cylinders
Filling of high-pressure cylinders

We offer filling of high-pressure cylinders with compressed air, oxygen-enriched air, 100% oxygen and other breathing mixtures also NATO mixtures A, B, C, D. In our filling room we have L&W 280 ES 300 bar high pressure compressor with electronic air control, a 3 x 50l air bank, a L&W Trimix partial mixing panel, an Atlas Copco low pressure screw compressor, a NRC oxygen booster pump. With all of the above we can safely make any breathing mixture used for diving purposes. Our qualified instructors take care of the proper and professional filling.

We do everything from light inspections to complete overhauls. We have all the necessary special tools and measuring equipment, as well as original spare parts, to ensure a quality service. Our highly qualified technicians regularly attend professional seminars held by world-renowned equipment manufacturers to keep abreast of developments in diving equipment. This enables us to provide the service required by equipment manufacturers and desired by users. The following measuring equipment is available in our workshop: stationary test panel for full face masks Insterspiro IPZ, portable electronic test panel Interspiro 100E, portable test instrument for Poseidon regulators, portable electronic test instrument Scubapro Digimax 5000, portable test instrument for Poseidon CCR devices, SIEL MK4CDV/CSC and MK1 Test unit and many other small test instruments.

We are the only authorised service centre in Slovenia for Poseidon, Ursuit, Waterproof, Seacraft, SIEL-OMG, Sitech and certified to service equipment from Aqualung, Apeks, Scubapro, Leptonix, OTS, Divex, Oceanic, Subgear (Seemann Sub), Interspiro and Trelleborg.

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