ERDI is the largest international diving school for the training of professional divers and is part of the umbrella organisation International Training, which also includes SDI (Scuba Diving International) and TDI (Technical Diving International). Its main task is the training of so-called Public Safety divers who come from the ranks of the police, fire brigades and other rescue units. This type of diving is a mixture of all the diving disciplines that can be found in the diving industry. The training of divers through ERDI programmes is primarily focused on one objective, namely the reduction of accidents related to the aquatic environment. The training covers practically all known aquatic conditions from wild to polluted waters, as well as various specialties such as working with unexploded ordnance, etc. Divers are trained in both theoretical and practical skills. All ERDI programs are in compliance with OSHA and NFPA standards.

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                                                                            ERDI programmes are for professional rescue divers.

Here, the line between recreational and professional diving is sharply drawn. It also standardises all the procedures, preparations and actions of divers in and on the water. As it takes more than just the diver to work safely in the water, there is a strong emphasis on the support team to enable the diver to work as safely as possible. ERDI courses provide divers with the theoretical knowledge, the necessary skills and the appropriate professional equipment. Of course, the courses are adapted to the needs and nature of the work of the students. They are also familiarised with the work of other rescue units in Slovenia, which is extremely important in the case of major interventions when several different services (police, CZ, etc.) are working in one area. All ERDI courses are certified by the Slovenian Diving Association and the official representative of the ERDI school is the company CPA d.o.o. from Ljubljana.

ERDI helps rescue divers to enter – and exit – the water safely!

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